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There are so many different companies out there that are happy to have your business but then fall short of your expectations because they lack the support, training, or understanding of your needs. Here are some companies that I like to do business with because they provide these things unfailingly. I also like the fact that they help me to grow my business by allowing me to say YES, I CAN.

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This is one of the many companies that makes it easier for me to say YES to a client,  Yes I take credit cards.  It's fast it's easy and it's convenient and they provide outstanding customer service!


I have been using doTERRA products for almost a year now and if I didn't LOVE them I would have quit using them about 11 months ago.  I'm not really the essential oil guru but I have seen amazing things happen with these oils that I haven't seen in my 13 years as a massage therapist.


Last year I started using an AWESOME product called Acuity Scheduling it has been a dream! One of my main goals as a Corporate Massage Therapist is to make the "process" of signing up for a massage as convenient  as possible and Acuity Scheduling makes that goal achievable. Many an office manager has thanked me repeatedly for making their life easier and less stressful because they only have to send out an email with a link (which is specific to each company) and the employee can sign up with ease. I also like that as a company, Acuity is always looking for and finding ways to accommodate their customers. Acuity Scheduling truly is AWESOME!

I think everyone needs a place to share thought's and Ideas. (If I did this right it should link you to my "Gary's Corporate Massage" facebook page) I also think if you use it correctly it will keep you on the minds of the people you want to reach, and the next time they need the service you provide they'll come to you! (Or me, in this case)

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